General Cargo Transport

General Cargo Transport

In air transport, the term employed for goods that do not necessitate special storage or additional services is general cargo. Within the industry, these goods are referred to as 'dry and clean goods'.

Cargoes who do not require special attention, such as perishable food, live animals, and particularly hazardous goods, which are unlikely to suffer significant damage during transport, are categorized as general cargo.

The textile sector is the domain where the transport of general cargo offers a multitude of services. The pivotal factors enabling textiles to be transported without harm, even with basic packaging, and their minimal susceptibility have been crucial in categorizing them as 'general cargo'.

An assortment of stacking techniques can be employed for these types of cargo, greatly streamlining operations in terms of time.

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We cater to countless companies and e-commerce firms situated worldwide, particularly those operating in the textile industry, by offering comprehensive general cargo solutions.

While considered general cargo, Netavion takes special care when transporting product samples that link manufacturers and consumers, providing industry-specific solutions as a guarantee.

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