Express Service

Express Service

International air freight is widely favored for its unparalleled global reach, granting access to every corner of the world. It currently stands as the swiftest mode of transport, albeit susceptible to intermittent stops and delays. Such hiccups can pose challenges for specific industries and cargo types. For instance, when it comes to an urgently required sample product, air transport remains the optimal choice for expeditious delivery. However, potential delays at ports, customs, or during transshipment may impede the prompt arrival of the product, hindering its timely delivery to the intended destination. Another factor contributing to delays is the bulk shipment of numerous goods that undergo mass collection and distribution processes. The time taken for collection at the shipping address and the fulfillment of other goods adhere to standard procedures. Nevertheless, products subject to these routine processes can encounter substantial delays. Likewise, goods that have completed their air transport must endure the wait for customs clearance in the destination country and subsequent mass distribution procedures.

Considering these circumstances and comparable scenarios, Netavion presents the Express Cargo solution for air freight.

Netavion's Express Service

Operating as a consortium of companies, Netavion strives to ensure swift and secure delivery of your cargo to its intended destination. Within the framework of our Express Service, Netavion offers the following solutions to our esteemed clientele:

- Our dedicated courier service collects packages directly from the customer's door and delivers them promptly. This personalized approach ensures that parcels are not subjected to unnecessary waiting periods and are swiftly transported to airports...

- With Netavion's specialized loading capacity, expedited shipments are swiftly brought on board of the aircraft without delay. This means that even if the first flight has limited availability, it no longer poses an issue, thus preempting potential airport-related complications.

- If there is an obligation to transfer goods by air, it is ensured that the goods are transferred to the other aircraft as quickly as possible without waiting at the transfer points. This eliminates the problems of the transfer process, which can sometimes take days.

- The cargo plane that lands at the airport closest to the target point is constantly followed by our teams. Immediately after landing, the express cargoes are picked up by special couriers and all transactions are carried out quickly.

- The express cargo, whose airport operations are completed, is delivered to its final destination by a special courier vehicle.

Thanks to Netavion's special processes, your cargo is delivered anywhere in the world in the fastest and safest way.

With a special team in Express Transactions, Netavion is developing new methods to deliver parcels faster. In this context, we continue our efforts for faster deliveries, especially for sensitive products.


Our team, which analyses customer requests, has implemented a faster service for non-customs shipments. Thanks to this service, which we call Express Cargo Extra, design templates, tender documents, parts without commercial value, special samples, etc. are delivered to the destination point very quickly. Products are delivered to the destination point very quickly.

Netavion offers an array of refined services within the Express Cargo Extra package, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers:

1. Door-to-door Collection: Cargoes are gracefully received at the customer's doorstep by a dedicated courier, sparing any inconvenience.

2. Expedited Travel Planning: A meticulously crafted travel plan is devised, securing the fastest flight available to the airport in closest proximity to the cargo's ultimate destination address. Time is of the essence, and we prioritize efficiency.

3. Personalized Care: With our Express Cargo Extra service, customer shipments are entrusted to the capable hands of a dedicated Netavion teammate. Your cargo is handled with utmost professionalism and precision, guaranteeing a smooth journey.

4. Swift Delivery by our Landing Agent: At the destination airport, our proficient landing agent springs into action, ensuring swift and seamless delivery of the cargo to its final address. Timeliness and reliability are our utmost priorities.

With Netavion's Express Cargo Extra package, we are dedicated to surpassing expectations and providing an elevated level of service throughout the entire transportation process.

As with all services, Netavion works diligently in the Express Cargo service and offers extra services. To deliver your cargo to all parts of the world without damage and quickly, you can contact our team by phone by clicking here or you can reach us by e-mail from here.