Pharmaceuticals, personal care products and the chemicals, raw materials and other materials used in their production are included in medical product logistics. There are two main elements in the transportation of medical products. These are transportation for production and transportation for the transportation of manufactured products to target markets. The unchanging condition for both basic elements of medical product logistics is that transportation must be carried out with equipped and special vehicles. Chemicals, sensitive components and fragile materials used in production must be transported with care and attention. Likewise, depending on the special conditions of the products produced; conditions such as temperature level, fragile structure, and not coming into contact with other products should be provided by the transportation company.

Importance of Medical Product Transportation Companies

Medical product transportation requires official permits, certificates and transportation styles with special conditions. Those who want to transport medical products and medical supplies should work with companies that are sufficient to serve in many areas such as cold air transportation, temperature regulated transportation, fragile goods transportation, hazardous material transportation, radioactive material transportation and have all official documents.
Our long-standing workflow in the logistics of medical products has increased in recent years. While organizing these operations, our precise working principles and state-of-the-art inventory control system have led to significant commercial success.

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