Reasons that make us special

Reasons that make us special

Like Netavion, the reasons that make us special in air transportation come from working together and as a team with our customers at all times. In this context, we would like to share with you our 4 outstanding characteristics.

1- Cultural compatibility: Another comprehensive solution we offer to our clients as Neta Group is to offer logistics services with a team of different cultures. As Netavion, one of our most sensitive points is to work with a team of different nationalities. Especially in our international business, a teammate who knows the region you want to send your cargo to will support you. Planning with a team that knows the destination always produces more beneficial results.

Netavion's customer team is able to appeal to every culture with customer service in 4 languages and can provide comprehensive support to its customers, especially in international operations.

2- New customer = new teammate: being a team at Netavion is a company tradition. When creating the transportation plan, we discuss every detail with our customers and determine a clear plan together. Enjoy quality, more accurate and faster transportation at the safest price under Netavion's guidance!

3- Authorized and official service: as a group of Neta companies, we provide official services with nationally and internationally valid certificates and licenses in all areas we work in.

You will feel the security of working with a specialized team approved by the necessary authorities in all business areas in which we engage. You can find the documents and certifications of our group of companies on our website.

4- Integrated solution capability: as a team at Netavion, we look at the work we do holistically. When our customers need other transportation networks or extra services besides air transportation, we quickly offer an integrated solution within our group of companies. With our extensive logistics and warehousing network, we meet all your needs from start to finish and implement the most appropriate transportation.