Netavion Group of Companies has embraced and cultivated a culture of exceptional logistics service. Consistently guided by the motto "from tradition to the future," we have made it our primary principle to offer our clients increasingly superior service. To this end, we have specialized our offerings and have developed innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers

Among the logistics offers by Neta Group, there are solutions for the storage of general goods, for perishable goods and solutions for the storage of dangerous goods. In the business area of each solution offered, the service is carried out by experienced and fully equipped personnel.

Storage solutions are organized by analyzing different products and needs. Customers are offered many options such as warehouses with adjustable temperature values, shock warehouses, warehouses with stacking areas, warehouses for dangerous goods.

At Netavion, we strive to offer all-encompassing services to our business partners who desire to transport goods on the road. Our approach goes beyond the mere movement of a load from one point to another. We provide value-added services, where and when they are required, to enhance our clients' professional performance. You can examine our logistics storage solutions in detail under the headings in the side menu.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us from our contact section.