Special Cargo

Special Cargo

Netavion upholds its commitment in providing services in the transportation of exclusive goods, including high-value items, live cargo, and radioactive materials.

As part of the esteemed Neta Group of Companies, renowned for its meticulous efforts across various domains, we offer authorized and accredited services delivered by our experienced staff. For comprehensive details on transporting specialized cargo and to familiarize yourself with the pertinent transportation regulations, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representative at +90 850 242 63 82. Carriage of valuable goods; cargo exceeding a certain limit per gross kilogram is generally referred to as valuable goods. The transport of live stock, includes animals that are considered suitable for transport according to the IATA live animal regulations. In general, the types of live cargo transported are as follows

- Competition equines

• Breeding chicks

Aquarium Animals

• Dogs trained for explosives or narcotics

Transport of radioactive material; Includes the transport of substances that emit radiation spontaneously and continuously.

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