Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Hazardous substances or HAZMAT, in their international abbreviation, are substances that can damage property, the environment or organisms if released or misused due to their chemical composition. Because of the risks involved in the transport of hazardous goods, different processes are observed than for other shipments. The most important purpose of this is to ensure safe transport.

By adhering to specific standards in the air transport of hazardous goods, we ensure the mitigation of issues concerning human life, the environment, and in-flight safety, thus ensuring secure and sound transportation.

Hazardous substances are defined by the UN Committee of Experts in nine classes:

- Explosives

- Gases

- Flammable Liquids

- Combustible solids

- Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides

- Toxic and infectious substances

- Radioactive substances

- Abrasives

- Various hazardous substances

In addition to the standardisation of dangerous goods with various classifications, there are substances whose transport by air is strictly prohibited:

- Ammunition

- Weapons and all war material

- Destructive flammables, explosives

- Poisonous gases

- Corrosive substances

- radioactive material

- Nuclear fuel

It is forbidden to transport all types of substances that pose a serious threat to the safety of life and property of living beings.

Exceptions to this prohibition require general or special authorisations from the Ministry of Transport. The opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Staff is required before such authorisation is granted.

Although dangerous goods transportation can be provided by all modes of transportation, the greatest danger is of course in air transportation. Situations may arise where it is necessary to be in constant contact with the sender of dangerous air cargo. For this reason, the Netavion team controls and monitors the cargo at any time and provides information to the sender.

Netavion aims to provide 360-degree service for the transportation of dangerous goods. We provide services for pre-transportation, final transportation, storage, packaging, labeling, supply of packaging products, customs clearance activities for your air cargo containing dangerous goods. With our professional employees, we explain the conditions that must be fulfilled legally to you in a simple way and we put our own teams into service in the transactions that you cannot carry out.

Netavion is positioned at the point of quality service with proactive risk management. Preventive risk management and quality axis services are also provided for your dangerous goods transportation. Thanks to our transparent transportation operations, you will not lose your time and money by getting involved in complex processes. Netavion provides all services for your dangerous goods transportation from a single source.

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