CEO's Message

CEO's Message

Neta Group connects many countries both through the Anatolian region and directly, ensuring the trade flow though 6 continents, we offer sea and air transport and logistics services in more than 8 countries in two continents, includingTurkey.

At the same time, Neta Group is investing in infrastructures to accommodate future growth. Hundreds of millions of tons of cargo are already being transported around the world as of 2020 and we are upgrading our workforce and creating advanced integrated facilities to support an operation of this scale. We are also continuing to expand our network globally to serve and connect more locations around the world..

For us, growth is not just a concept expressed in numbers. We're here for long-distance transportation and complex logistics operations, and we know we can make a difference to the economy, society and the environment as widely as our operational capacity. We work consciously and effectively to significantly improve our economic, environmental and social impact. In this regard, one of the main areas we focus on has always been the resource consumption management.  Reduction of consumption and useless wastes;  has also a direct impact on our core spending. Fuel consumption and operational efficiency are always a key aspect of our business.

As Neta Group, we always focus on running our operations as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Together with our efforts for operational efficiency, our cooperation with air and marine service providers has also been important in implementing routes that save fuel and time.

On land, our Group's companies and business units work to recycle various materials, minimize energy, water, and paper consumption, and use land vehicles more efficiently.

We also have a tradition in protecting biodiversity and nature. We are proud to lead the "Keep it Blue" campaign organized for the protection and preservation of the seas, our source of income.

We know that even the smallest efforts matter, especially given the direct and indirect reach of our global operations and workforce. We also know that these commitments need to be fulfilled over the long term to have a truly significant impact. As Neta Group, we work with determination for responsible business and sustainable environmental management.

I would like to thank all my team mates for the dedication, hard work and trust they show to all of our customers.