Our Basic Policy

Our Basic Policy

The human resources management policy implemented by the Neta Group entails the development of resources that are tailored to suit the unique demands of the logistics sector where operations are conducted. Our group comprises distinct companies, each with its own organizational structure, and thus, we design human resource policies that provide flexibility to account for their individualized requirements. The overarching objective in drafting these policies is to establish the fundamental principles that underpin the priorities and practices of human resource management within the Neta Group.

Bringing skilled workforce to our group

Human resources management:

• Be the favourite employer by the skilled workforce,

• Our objective is to recruit the most accomplished and fitting workforce, one that aligns with our company's ethos, and is capable of steering the community towards the future.

• As we endeavour to fulfil the future staffing requirements of our esteemed group, we adopt a farsighted approach to selection and hiring, one that is grounded in a global perspective and informed by a strategic outlook.

Invest in employee development

  • • Create a developmental environment and an opportunity for employees to continuously develop and fulfill their potential,
  • • Create a culture where employees take responsibility for development, ensuring managers regularly monitor employee performance and supporting open communication about this,

• HR's primary role is to guide employees’ development to create a workforce and team of skilled, successful and global leaders.