Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Since our foundation, we have continuously tried to improve our work towards a more ecological impact, the protection of the environment and the continuity of natural resources.

To ensure the balance between environment and global development factors, we declare the following commitments and present our Environmental Policy which we have modeled according to the principle of sustainability.

• Meet the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation,

• Identify and reduce environmental risks,

• To protect the environment and spread this principle around us and the world,

• Leave a hygienic and healthy environment for future generations,

• Work to continuously improve environmental management systems,

• Our goal is to raise awareness of environmental responsibility among all our employees, from the highest to the lowest , by providing them with training courses about the environment.

• To carry out activities that will support sustainable development,

• Constantly follow all innovations and R&D studies,

• To be a leader in making environment respectful investments, to ensure the protection of the environment and the creation of healthy, safe and environmen-friendly enterprises through the feasibility of the environmental effects of new investments

• Controllare e ridurre gli impatti ambientali che possono derivare dalle nostre attività con soluzioni scientifiche,

• Sensibilizzare e incoraggiare i nostri fornitori sugli studi di green economy,

• To preventing environmental pollution, we undertake and declare to continuously improve our environmental performance by following and complying with laws, international legislation and customer requirements.